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My Music.

I have recorded six albums over the last 30 years. They are:

  • Out of the Ditch- Too Tall String Band with Pat Duniho & Al Reisman.

  • Goin' Home-Too Tall String Band with Pat Duniho & Al Reisman. (Currently Available)

  • Live?- Too Tall String Band with Hap Wheeler & Al Reisman.

  • While We Are Together (Currently Available)-Too Tall String Band with Bruce Lawson & Hap Wheeler.

  • Friends Union Reunion (Currently Available)- with Steve Iachetta (a.k.a.- The Shaker Fiddle)

  • Friends Union Band Live (Currently Available)- Live recording from June, 2021 Concert at the McKinley Gazebo

While We Are Together CD face 2.0 with R
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Friends Union Band Live!

14 Live Tracks Recorded at the McKinley Gazebo Concert June, 2021

More Info at:

Wild Rover with introArtist Name
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While We Are Together- $9.95
Latest Too Tall String Band CD- 17 Tracks Recorded Live featuring hammered dulcimer/fiddle tunes, pub tunes, Irish tunes, Celtic tunes, String Band, Bluegrass and American Folk Music.   More info at:
Rattlin' Bog - Too Tall String Band
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Reunion CD Face Jpeg.jpg

Friends Union Reunion- $9.95

Rod reunites with his old band mate Steve Iachetta (a.k.a.: The Shaker Fiddle) for an album of lively, fresh takes on traditional folk & fiddle tunes.

More info and videos-Visit:

Goin' Home- $9.95

The original Too Tall String Band recorded at WCFE recording studio in 1993. More info:

Road To Lisdonvarna/Drowsy Maggie - Friends Union Band
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Banks of the OhioArtist Name
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