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O'Driscoll  Hammered and Mountain Dulcimers

To purchase go to "Contact" & indicate which instrument you're interested in.

We accept Venmo, Paypal or check. 50% deposit to place order. 6-8 week delivery.

O'Driscoll Custom Teardrop Mountain Dulcimer- $495 

3 or 4 String in Bookmatched, Solid Black Walnut with Sitka Spruce Soundboard, Custom Walnut Inserts & Gold Tuners.

Beautiful, Rich Tone!

O'Driscoll "Tinkerbell" Hammered Dulcimer- $895 

12/11, Travel Sized Hammered Dulcimer can be strung to play  one octave higher than a standard 12/11 HD (G above middle C, 2 1/2 octaves to D) or in standard tuning with wound strings, 15/16th" string spacing, fits a standard suitcase. Weighs 8 lb. Curly Maple & Birch. Includes stand, hammers & tuning wrench.

O'Driscoll Courting Mountain Dulcimer- $795 

Traditional "Courting" Dulcimer made for two people to play together. Made of Black Walnut with Sitka Spruce Soundboard.

O'Driscoll Hammered Dulcimer- $895 

12/11, Full Sized Hammered Dulcimer plays 2 1/2 octaves from G below middle C to D. Weighs 12 lb. Curly Maple & Birch. Includes Stand, Hammers & Tuning Wrench

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